Organic Meats and More:

We offer organic beef, pork, chicken & farm-fresh eggs from Rosas Farms in Citra, FL. Our meats are hormone/antibiotic-free, grass-fed and humanely raised on small farms in Florida & Georgia.

The ground meats are freshly ground at our market, with no added fillers or mystery pieces! The ground beef is very lean with a 95% to 5% ratio of ground sirloin to added fat..and NO PINK SLIME!! All of the sausages are handmade & seasoned by The Organic Chef, AL Rosas.

The meats come to you packaged in BPA-free/Cryo-vac pouches and because there is no air, they can be frozen for months without the risk of freezer burn. Once you taste these meats, anything else will be unacceptable...and you can feel good about feeding you and your family the best quality foods while supporting local family farms.

Please visit to see more information on our meats.